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MVC Partial Rendering

MVC Partial rendering ile ilgili bulduğum birkaç güzel makalenin adresini paylaşmak istiyorum:

  1. Partial Rendering with ASP.NET MVC and jQuery
    Yesterday, I wrote a post detailing how easy we can invoke an ASP.NET MVC controller action from JavaScript using jQuery. Lets up the ante a bit, and see if we can’t use the same approach to get some partial rendering going. To accomplish this, we’ll use a fact about the RenderViewResult class that hasn’t got a lot of attention so far – the fact that its View propetry can be set to point at a UserControl, not just a WebForm. When doing so, only the user control will be rendered – which sounds like exactly what we need for doing partial rendering..
  2. Partial Requests in ASP.NET MVC
    In your ASP.NET MVC application, it can be tricky to combine multiple independent “widgets” on the same page. That’s because a WebForms-style hierarchy of independent controls clashes awkwardly against a purist’s one-way MVC pipeline. Widgets? I’m taking about that drill-down navigation widget you want in your sidebar, or the “most recent forum posts” widget you’d put in the page footer. Things that need to fetch their own data independently of the page that hosts them.
  3. Ajax with the ASP.NET MVC Framework
    This post presents a few basic Ajax features (similar to partial rendering and behaviors in terms of concepts) running on top of the ASP.NET MVC framework… some early ideas, experimentation and app-building results.
  4. ASP.NET MVC: Using UserControls Usefully
    This post is in response to a forum user, who is wondering how to properly use a ViewUserControl: I’m sorry if this is a really silly question, but I’m having a hard time grokking what the right usage of a ViewUserControl looks like. Does one invoke the RenderView from a controller?

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